April Fools Day (17)

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 April Fools Day


Did you know that the idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards have subscribers in China, in Russia, in Latin America and that thousands of folks tune in from all over the world to get message from a loved one on April Fools Day. And you can play it any way you want, after all it IS about April Fools so take your friends for the ride of their life!


April Fools is the time to really take advantage of people's gullibility or else their real fears. It's like, "Hey Man - you won't believe this - it's unreal, impossible..but remember when we bought you that lottery ticket last week? Well you won the freakin' lottery man!!! Today? No Kidding!!! Come home right now we're waiting for you!!"


Imagine, all your money problems are over. Your life is now fan freaking tastic! You can even go buy that Ferrari. So you run home in hysterical bliss, chomping at the bit to hug your friends and jump up and down popping champagne bottles full of abundance, freedom and Ferraris. But what in hell happens to your dream reality as you skid in the door with your eyes wide open only to find your loving friends cracking up at your pure gullibility and they are absolutely SCREAMING "April Fools" in your face as they fall down on the floor laughing. Oh horrors!!!

The Dirty Trickster

Now fooling people into believing something that isn't true is a dirty, little trick that you are allowed to do on April Fool's Day! You get to be an April Fool too who freaks out his friend with some bogus story about something. And your friend gets so deluded by the details that you simply cannot gloat or pity him any more so you just blurt it out, "APRIL FOOLS". How rude can you be?

Allow Us

Since that's such an undignified thing to do, we think you should let us do it for you. It takes a group of wild maniacs like us to carry this type of tomfoolery off with some savoir - fair. After all it's pure perjury on your part but you get to save your own dignity because we take the stand and you take the credit. Even though tricking someone you care about is a sneaky, deceitful, jokingly outrageous thing to do, everybody loves it it cause it's a shocker! but a fun one.

Rubber Chicken is the source of April's Fools so check out our perfect cards for you to go wild and play it safe! We'll take care of the rest. Your safe with us! Happy April Fools!

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