Boss Day (13)

It's Boss' Day. Send one of our over 10 ecards to show that you care and are thankful for the job.

 Boss Day

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Your'e Not the Boss of Me! Oh...Wait...Yes You Are!

So many sentiments over the years have been expressed about bosses, jefas, overseers and managers, that sometimes we don't remember them all. To jog your memory, here are a few: "You're the boss, boss." "You aren't the boss of me." "Be your own Boss." Whoever your boss is, there is a time and place to remind them of where you stand with each other.

Do You Love Your Boss?

That day is Boss Day, and the way is through Boss Day Ecards. Love your boss? Send them a card indirectly asking them for more paid time off. Hate your boss? Maybe it's time you started brownnosing. A bit indifferent? Send them a card anyway so you can keep up your reputation of being a thoughtful, kind human being!

We Put the "You" in "Understand"

The idiots at understand, or we think we do, the boss mentality. After all, there is a boss at the Rubber Chicken Coop. The great thing about this group is, though, that we all appear to really like each other. Maybe because we are working on pretty fun stuff we all manage to squeeze out a few laughs every day.

Top Dog with Cheese and Mirrors

So it is more like a commune of silly and the line between boss and employee becomes thin; the artist becomes the expert at what they are doing; the writer is the cheese it his/her department; the programmer the top dog in his/her section. Of course you need a boss, someone to pretend to pull all the strings together. But at a certain point it is all mirrors and smoke.

She's the Boss

That all being said, there is something in the fact that a human being takes the responsibility of running a company on her shoulders, bearing the burden of the good times and the bad. An employee can come and go, get a better job, move to another state. But a boss, the real boss hangs around through thick and thin, trying, as best she can, to get the job done well.


Anyone who is a leader or manager in the workforce deserves something, even if that happens to be a branch or department transfer. Maybe you can't give them that, but you can give them your best wishes, and make them laugh out loud.

Even God has Something to Say About Bosses

Many of our characters, including God, have something profound to say about bosses. Everybody loves a good laugh, even if they'll never admit it. Our Boss Day Ecards are sure to deliver that, (and maybe even a pay raise)!

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