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ASMR (4)

Trina M whispers happy birthday greetings. ASMR is trending YouTube content that creates tingling and sweet sensations.

Christmas - "ASMR"
Views: 6704
Trina M ASMR creates a sound bath for Christmas.
Shop this Younger audience Thank You ecard starring ASMR
Views: 8331
Trina M does a Thank You session with a slow low sound experience.
Halloween - "ASMR Trina M"
Views: 8029
Trina M, famous practitioner of ASMR (message through whispering) shares the sounds of Halloween.
Send this funny animated birthday ecard to someone who understands what ASMR is: sounds of a birthday being celebrated
Views: 8785
ASMR is a trend on YouTube that creates a tingling and pleasant sensation in the listener. Trina M whispers sweet brithday greetings.