Birthday 30 (23)

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 30th Birthday ecards


It is here!!! The landmark which is your 30th Birthday, how glorious! You now have full permission to completely purge yourself of your childhood ways by storing away your childhood teddy bear or blankett, and you can start auctioning your action figures, rock band posters, and vintage meal deal movie cups on Ebay. Most everybody knows, but doesn't seem to want to acknowledge, that there is something very special (or conspicuous, as the very least) about the 30th birthday. knows this and tons of funny cards just for the occasion.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

As an unspoken advent into true adulthood, "30" beckons all the best and worst sentiments that are part of getting older, which usually means focusing more on the "worst". This stewing anxiety - left over hardwired mentality from the 1950's - that by this third decade you are supposed to be well on your way in life, can be quite difficult for some. So why not ease that tension with laughter by sending them a Rubber Chicken Card.

How Are You Feeling About This

Although these days 30 is considered the new 18 YOU ARE STILL TURNING 30. You are no longer young, unless you speak to an elder - for they will still call you a baby, which actually, might be a good incentive to go spend more time at retirement homes and hear some good old stories over and over and over again, just to make you feel younger.

Time to Become

So listen people of the thirtieth year! Mid-life crises aren't appropriate at this age. Your parents might keep that kind of pressure on you, birthing the crisis prematurely, stirring you to consider emancipation. But one should rejoice in knowing that one can call themselves an adult, even if one acts like a baby in the most crucial situations. This is the first of future birthdays that you will either acknowledge or forget its emphasis more and more as life goes on. So you can be proud to announce your age, unless you just got your driver's license.

It's Juicy Juice

At this time, we have one spectacular card for the recent or upcoming tri-centennials among us. Meet Kimmie, the Juice girl, whose somewhat politically incorrect statements contribute to her off-beat and eclectic sense of humor. She's about to tell you (or your friend) everything they never wanted to be congratulated upon. But by receiving Birthday 30 Ecards like this, your recipient will be able to laugh and go on living the lush life.

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