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Autumn (10)

Send a funny animated autumn ecard today

This Musical Rosh Hashanah ecard is on "Broadway"
Views: 7741
Dave is confused about what kind of New Years to celebrate until Stella leads him to understand that he is Jewish.
"The Muse" stars in this Select Autumn ecard
Views: 6164
The Cuban Muse, puts on a warm hat and gets us ready for the onset of Autumn.
Twinkie of "On the runway" stars in this premium online ecard
Views: 7679
Twinkie, designer to the stars, creates an Autumn collection, some of which is made from maple leaves.
Shop this Autumn virtual card starring - "Bongo and Tone"
Views: 6469
The Beat Poets pound and slam and clap their way into ffffff-aaaaaalllllllllll.
Send this funny Autumn ecards starring the "Geeks"
Views: 5612
The Geeks, who never leave their rooms, discuss the real meaning to them of darker, shorter days.
This cool autumn e card stars Diane from "Way Up North"
Views: 6954
Diane, the ecology researcher, has built a giant leaf pile to honor fall.
This unique Autumn ecard stars "Beezlebob"
Views: 7552
Beezlebob is hanging with some very interesting people trying to make Autumn a bit more exciting.
"Puss" stars in this funny Autumn ecard
Views: 5281
The positive thinking kitty gets into some serious trouble as he walks through an autumn forest.
The "Breeder Brothers" star in this Funny online Autumn ecard
Views: 8978
The Breeder Brothers, Jim and Jimmy, have some dern fine health tips for the fall, like fizzy lard.
The "Psychick" stars in this Premium Autumn ecard
Views: 8155
The great lady of the spirits is here to channel the Autumn sprites to celebrate fall.

Summer's Over

Autumn ecards: Everyone is back at school - well not everyone, some people have to work - the air is turning a bit crispy, later to be extra crispy. The trees are turning bright yellows, reds, oranges, dirty nasty browns, rising and falling with the manipulating zephyrs, like the embers of yester yores summer BBQs. Nights are getting shorter, unlike your skirts and pantaloons. The dark of night encroaches sooner than desired and gets deeper, darker, deeper, and darker and deeper like an island native pressing his luck by swimming further and further down to get just one more potential pearl from the bottom oysters!

Why Two Names?

Yes, it is autumn, it is Fall, tis' the only season that has two names for some reason. If your relationships aren't completely dysfunctional, then it is time to cheer up your friends, family, neighbors, baristas, and short order cooks, who could be dreading the upcoming chill of winter and long months of melancholy seasonal disorder.

Start Sending to Keep Up Your Reputation

Or perhaps it is you that tends to be impish, insolent and needs these attempts at amelioration most of all - unless you are Canadian. So attach that mouse (which should be attached already) to your computer and start furiously sending Rubber Chicken Autumn ecards. In this way you will become like a saint to your people, unless they are atheist, then you will be like a scientist to your people. Their announcements of praise will echo like a duck's quack with these words "ZOUNDS, yea." good fairest lad or lass (Dude or Dudess) of a subtle perspicacious nature, hath sentith me an Autumn Ecard from RC Cards.

Remember the Chicken Scratches

We yearn to adorn him/her with tidings of love, false sincerity, and fleeting good. We will make the grandest of efforts to do something nice for them when they need it - if it fits into my schedule, that is, if I am in the mood!" It is during this season that the ecards sending season starts the perk up season. Remember, besides our regular premium offering of the best animated ecards in the world, you can also send some of our Chicken Scratches, posting them on your favorite social network site or by email. The idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards have a favorite Autumn ecard and that is Puss. Check it out yo!. Puss gets punched out by a bear on an Autumn walk. Though really hurt, he believes that he is lucky. Happy sending of Autumn ecards one and all!!