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Professors (35)

Brilliant idiots expound

Tu Bishvat - "Professors"
Views: 6418
The brilliant professors sit in front of a roaring fire discussing the celebration of Tu Bisvat and whether man or God created holidays.
New Years - "Professors"
Views: 4199
The Professors dig into the ability for a human being to choose how they see a New Year.
Birthday - "Professors"
Views: 5835
The erudite Professors discuss whether attitude is important in a long life.
Thank You - "The Professors"
Views: 6883
In this thank you ecard, the erudite foolish ones compete with each other over the meaning of "Thanks."
Halloween - "The Professors"
Views: 5966
The dueling gents of the intellect turn their brilliance into merriment as they guess the costumes of major figures in History.
Get Well - "The Professors"
Views: 4401
Those two erudite Professors sit around the lounge and discuss the origins of medicine and whether doctors are necessary.
Thanksgiving - "Professors"
Views: 4700
The Professors sit down for an erudite chat about the origins of the turkey.
Hanukkah - "The Professors"
Views: 5346
This erudite duo enjoin in a battle of the wits about Hanukkah and burning oils.
Winter Solstice - "Professors"
Views: 8676
The Professors discuss the Yin and the Yang of the holiday season at the time of the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere - the Winter Solstice.
Christmas - "Professors"
Views: 5916
Edwin and Charles smoke pipes and quibble about whether there was hay in Mesopotamia at the birth of Christ.
Christmas #2 - "The Professors"
Views: 7148
The Professors ponder the birth of Christ and hope of the world.
Boxing Day - "Professors"
Views: 7818
Charles and Montgomery trade quips as they hammer out the real meaning of Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.
Ash Wednesday - "The Professors"
Views: 6161
The University Dons prickle to each other's ideas on the very meaning of the "Ash" in Ash Wednesday.
Tax Day - "The Professors"
Views: 8794
Our experts on...well... not much, wander and ponder on the roots and the emotional nature of "Tax Day."
Mother's Day - "Professors"
Views: 7282
In a lively discussion on the reality of childrearing, it is discovered that Charles has yet to call his mother.
Sweetest Day - "Professors"
Views: 5995
The great men of education disagree about the meaning of Sweetest Day.
Martin Luther King - "Professors"
Views: 8541
The pompous brainy gents reflect upon Martin Luther King's life and the opportunities he created for all.
Easter - "The Professors"
Views: 8285
The erudite duo ponder the meaning of the Easter Bunny in scriptural literature.
Valentine's Day - "Professors"
Views: 6408
Our two Professors blather and babble on about probably imprecise Valentine's Day facts and observations.
Father's Day - "The Professors"
Views: 7729
The great men of learning share a pipe and talk about the love they have for their fathers.
Summer - "The Professors"
Views: 7230
Those charming gentlemen get all fussed up in their summer clothing and dive into the roots of summer behavior.
Canadian Thanskgiving - "The Professors"
Views: 4932
Those brilliant men of learning pontificate upon the difference between the American and the Canadian Thanksgiving.
Kwanzaa - "The Professors"
Views: 8655
Sitting in front of a winter fire, the Professors illuminate the 7 principals of Kwanzaa.
Memorial Day - "Professors"
Views: 8444
The brilliantly stupid professors unfurl a touching look at those who have faught to keep us free.
Flag Day - "Professors"
Views: 8843
The almost erudite Professors babble on about Flag Day in the United States, getting most of it wrong.
Columbus Day - "Professors"
Views: 5366
The Professors tell some very tall tales about the history of Christopher Columbus.
Bastille Day - "Professors"
Views: 4363
In considering the revolution in France, one of the Professors, Montgomery, thinks that the Illuminati was behind it and wants to become a member.
Yom Kippur - "The Professors"
Views: 5602
On the Day of Atonement, the two Professors apologize to each other for some rather darker deeds.
Australia Day - "The Professors"
Views: 8293
The Professors, thinking and writing about Australia Day, honor the culture of immigrants and natives in Australia. This card-toon is voiced by Fred Tatasciore and Steven Rotblatt.
Passover - "The Professors"
Views: 5578
The Professors contemplate the 8th plague of God's action to free the Jews, the broccoli floret.
Western Australia Day - "Professors"
Views: 8761
The Professors relish the true joy of Western Australia Day.
Rosh Hashanah - "The Professors"
Views: 4961
The two brilliant men, kinda, discover the true meaning of love and renewal in Rosh Hashanah.
Citizenship Day - "The Professors"
Views: 5082
The Professors, Charles and Montgomery, contemplate Citizenship Day and its origins.
St. Patrick's Day - "Professors"
Views: 4732
What was the real truth about St. Patrick? Was he kidnapped by pirates? Did he drive the snakes out of Ireland? The Professors know!
Earth Day - "The Professors"
Views: 7807
The Professors get into a lively conversation about the Earth and its bounty.