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 Get Well

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Something Out of Sorts?

Do you know anyone who is not feeling well? I bet you do. Lately it's the most prevalent way to be. After all, the Mayan calendar's prophecy, which has been preparing us for the end of the world, was wrong. The world didn't end at all! Now there's a bummer for ya!. And those who've been waiting for the Rapture are quite worn down and wondering if it's still going to occur in order for them to lighten up and have a lift. So with all these little disappointments clouding our visions of the new beginnings we looked forward to living we can see how the one thing we can really be sure of is that laughter is the absolute best ways to feel great! Naturally, since our Get Well ecards are mostly comical, they are the perfect remedy for any disease of the body... or the mind.

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Over the years, the dorks at Rubber Chicken Cards have had hundreds of people write in about their health issues and how a Get Well ecard from RC Cards has done wonders for them.

Talk to Us Sylvia

Listen to this from Sylvia from New York: "I have been very depressed in the last few years. My husband has a serious illness that has required lots of care from me. My daughter sent me an ecard from your Get Well category, the Muse, and on that day I laughed hysterically. I showed it to my husband and he even laughed, too. Believe it or not, every day I go to your site and watch the ecards Get Well section and anything else I can get my hands on. Amazing what a little laughter can do to brighten up a day. Thanks for sharing joy."

Another Testimonial

And Brandon from Malibu says, "After a day of heavy surf and not catching one wave, sometimes I feel tired and worn out like I've wasted the day away. But I get to go home and look at all the Rubber Chicken Get Well e cards and I'm ready to ride the wild surf again, and again. They always bring me up to level."

We've Been At This for 12 Years

For 12 years Rubber Chicken Cards has been turning out Get Well ecards that truly change the quality of the day for thousands of people. So, do you know someone who is having a health challenge? Go to our Ecards Get Well section and send them a Rubber Chicken Card. It only takes you a minute to possibly change the course of the day. "Come on, let's do this," says the Muse.

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