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God (33)

Himself delivers the message

Christmas - "God"
Views: 7059
In this God Christmas card-toon, God himself let's us know that he loves us as much as he loves his most famous son. After all, we are all his children.
Father's Day #2 - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 7917
Louise invites God to a brunch to celebrate the World's Greatest Father.
Happy Holidays 2020 - "God"
Views: 7079
God knows it's been a horrible, horrible year! But things are turning around.
Corona Virus - "God"
Views: 5935
God talks about the Corona Virus and what we can do now
Birthday #2 - "God"
Views: 4167
God talks to the brithday human face-to-face, telling them that they are the best person in the whole world.
Birthday - "God"
Views: 6214
In this birthday eCard, the one who created the whole kit and kaboodle wishes his offspring a happy birthday.
Sweetest Day - "God"
Views: 5482
God takes some time to tell you and your friends that you are the sweetest person on the planet.
Anniversary - "God"
Views: 6279
Honoring the anniversary, the One and Only takes time out to offer his congratulations... and advice. He singles out the this couple that he congratulates and suggests that they are the greatest couple the world has ever known. This card is voiced by Steven Rotblatt.
Thanksgiving - "God"
Views: 8101
God doesn't need to be thanked. So on this Thanksgiving, he thanks us!
Winter Solstice - "God"
Views: 8250
On this day when the dark begins to turn to light, God gives his Loved One some advice on "change."
Get Well - "God"
Views: 4571
God offers encouragement, along with an apologetic explanation, to one of his ill humans.
Thank You - "God"
Views: 4633
In this thank you ecard, God himself offers his thanks and the promise of reward for a job well done.
Vote - "God"
Views: 8523
God, yep, that God, strongly, like really strongly, suggests that we vote in this election.
Tax Day - "God"
Views: 6518
God ponders, death, taxes, and the IRS.
Boss' Day - "God"
Views: 5888
The Lord himself gives your boss the praise that he deserves.
Sacred Earth Day - "God"
Views: 7262
God, yep the one and only, gives advice as we honor Earth Day.
Retirement - "God"
Views: 4861
The great Lord takes some time off to congratulate one of her children on their retirement.
Gracias - "God"
Views: 8073
Dios da las gracias y promete compensar un trabajo bien hecho.
Valentine's Day - "God"
Views: 8140
God asks you to be his Valentine.
Halloween - "God"
Views: 6274
Taking a break from his very busy day, God gives some advice on how to treat people on Halloween.
Rosh Hashanah - "God"
Views: 8613
The Lord Himself looks at the year ahead and gives some practical advice on how to navigate the way forward.
Diwali - "God"
Views: 4135
On the Indian "Festival of Lights" God, yes God, gives some advice on how to squeeze the bliss out of life.
Mother's Day - "God"
Views: 7102
God, the female version, (is there really any other)thanks the very best of mothers for her great work.
International Day of Peace - "God"
Views: 4417
God is sad that there is even the need for a Day of Peace... So he wants to start over.
Memorial Day - "God"
Views: 8618
God honors those Americans who have served their country in war and are no longer with us.
Groundhog's Day - "God"
Views: 8077
God gives some fatherly advice on Groundhog's Day.
Olympics - "God"
Views: 6053
God honors his Olympics with a few suggestions on how we can all get along.
Purim - "God"
Views: 6566
God bemoans his abilty to get the world to cooperate in peace while celebrating Purim.
National Teacher's Day - "God"
Views: 4591
God himself honors teachers, knowing how much they go through, on National Teacher's Day.
Mother's Day #2 - "God"
Views: 7787
On Mother's Day, God praises your mother as the best in the world.
Nurses's Day - "God"
Views: 8392
God takes a moment our of his busy day to let all nurse's know how much he appreciates them and loves them.
Veteran's Day - "God"
Views: 6386
God honors the Veterans of the United States with love and strength.
April Fool's Day - "God"
Views: 6772
God is not playing tricks this year because life is already so insane and hysterical.