Birthday 50th (30)

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 50th B-day

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Not So Great

Can we talk? Everyone knows that turning 50 is not that pleasant. We can say things like, "50 is the new 30." Or "Just keeps getting better," but we know that the waddle under the chin sucks. So here's the only thing that we can do about any of this. Laugh. But it's hard to laugh by yourself after you've looked in the mirror at the waddle. You need one of your friends to send you a Rubber Chicken greeting! Yes, you do.

Doorstep to Old

Have a seat, you will need it. Yes, it looks like 50 is on the doorstep to old. But each decade you live, or so we hear, it looks like you are not getting older, you are staying in the same place. Did you ever notice that your mind doesn't think it is old? It is making plans for the future. And, further, there is so much research on longevity and how easy it is to access the principles of living longer that we can't ignore the ease of it any longer.

We are Living Longer

There is a new documentary out now that looks at longevity. Did you see it? In it a one hundred and one year old man runs the marathon. One hundred! With his story and the story that others in the film sport, you can see that there are actual dietary principles and cause a longer life, unless you are exposed to e-coli or strange forms of flesh eating vermin. Anyway, you will probably live till you are 100 or 200. So no use in thinking that you are old at 50. Come on, grab hold of your mind.

Up from Despair

Do you know anyone who is about to turn 50? It's time you sent them a Happy 50th Birthday greeting card. When you do send them their Birthday card you will notice, we have some studies on this, that their blood pressure will go down and they will have full access to joi de vivre. Have fun!!

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