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De la Noche (25)

The Latin Lover and his Guitar

Birthday - "De la Noche"
Views: 4452
The great lover stands at a window warbling a birthday love song.
This unrivaled Labor Day ecard stars the Latin Lover "Del la Noche
Views: 5962
The great Latin lover and singer puts on his Rosie the Riveter hat and sings a song of the worker.
Congratulations - "De la Noche"
Views: 7125
The great romantic, under the window, sings a tune of congratulations.
Thinking of You - "De la Noche"
Views: 5358
The astounding Spanish lover, De la Noche, sings a thinking of you song to his adored one.
Great Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 7758
The great Spanish lover plucks his guitar and sings a tune of spirit and energy to great the new day.
Valentine's Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 5085
The great Latin lover sings a heart rendering song of the plight of the love torn Valentine.
"De la Noche" stars in this musical Halloween e card
Views: 4255
The great Spanish lover warbles a song of fright and love on this Halloween night.
This High Class Boss Day e card stars "De la Noche"
Views: 5630
In this Boss' Day ecard, the passionate latin singer pours out his atonal nonesense to celebrate Boss' Day.
Christmas - "De la Noche"
Views: 7622
The great Spanish lover, strums and moans Silent Night in front of the window of his amour.
Winter Solstice - "De la Noche"
Views: 8180
The great Spanish lover braves the chill of the deepest winter to sing love songs at a window.
Dating - "De la Noche"
Views: 8561
The great latin lover is filled with affection as he sings a song of the heart, waiting for his date.
Sweetest Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 5474
The great Latin lover, De la Noche, warbles a really bad love song for his honey on Sweetest Day.
Customize this Spanish Fathers Day ecard starring the Latin Lover, De la Noche.
Views: 6968
The great passionate songster warbles a brilliant song of the Father on Father's Day.
St. Patrick's Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 4743
The great lover and crooner takes a stab at "Danny Boy" and murders it.
Mother's Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 7670
The great Latin lover sings a heartrending song of appreciation and love to his mother.
Graduation - "De la Noche"
Views: 7521
The Latin lover stands under the window of the graduate and bleats out a song of congratulations.
This Singing Get Well Soon ecard will make your friend giggle -- starring De la Noche.
Views: 8501
The great Spanish lover tilts his guitar and healing voice towards his ill friend.
April Fool's Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 4350
The great Spanish lover is in the Henny Youngman forest warbling a song of a fool's love.
Musical Canadian Thanksgiving ecard stars "De la Noche"
Views: 7191
The great flamingo singer warbles a song ofthe love of Canada.
Easter - "De la Noche"
Views: 8265
The most important Latin Lover in the world strums his guitar and warbles a song of love for Easter.
Tax Day - "De la Noche"
Views: 5175
The great Latin man of passion sings about having his bank account drained by the IRS.
Musical Thanksgiving ecard stars "De la Noche"
Views: 6236
De la Noche, the great Spanish lover, warbles a song of Thanks for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Shop this premium summer ecard starring "De la Noche"
Views: 4571
De la Noche, the great Latin crooner, sings a song of Summer love, opening his heart to his sweetheart.
Shavuot - "De la noche"
Views: 8732
The great latin singer, De la noche, bellows a song that honors the Jewish holiday that that celebrates the giving of the Torah.
Shop this funny Fourth of July ecard starring "De la Noche"
Views: 5179
The great Latin lover, De la Noche, sings a rousing song about his love for America!