Sukkot (10)

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A Dwelling

After hundreds of years of labor and torture, the Jews finally were able to escape the Pharaoh and get across the Red Sea into the desert where they wandered for 40 years. Though not slavery, it wasn't pretty. It was hot, food was scarce, water scarce, and the ability to get the local mall non-existent. Oy.

The Covering

So like smart people who do well in school, the Jews created shelters, basically huts, to live in. In Hebrew, the word for this hut is Sukkot, like Sue Coat. You find a couple slabs of wood, maybe some palm wood, and a few skins and slap together a hut. It keeps the sand out and makes the chilly nights less chilly. Sukkot. Who doesn't want one of those.?

What We Do to Celebrate

Doi. You grab a couple of planks and a some muslin and make a tent or a hut. Then you put a little cooler in there for some nice cool wine and maybe food. And for one week, you celebrate getting through a hard time with friends and family and a little wine, perhaps a cigar. And the good news is that life is probably better than it was back in the real Sukkot days.


Like most Jewish Holidays, in fact, like most holidays, the real celebration is the abundance we all have around us. Whether you are Jewish or not, believe in God or not, it is pretty darn easy to count your blessings, one blessing at a time. Certainly most of us are not wandering around in the desert. We are not bracing for a hot wind from the south. There is usually, with RC Cards subscribers, food on the table and water in the faucet or fancy water purifier. Yes, on this Sukkot there is so much to be thankful for.

Rough Times

What if rough times are here for you and you don't want to celebrate? What then? Celebrate anyway. Get some friends, build a Sukkot, light up a cigar and sip at some wine. Goodness, let's enjoy life while it is here and attempt to be thankful.

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