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 Bon Voyage

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Bon Viaggio! Hao Zhi Lu! Buen Viaje! Gute Fahrt!

Let's Go

Don't we all wish that we were going on a trip to some exotic land? Even for a mere minute? Alas, we seldom achieve such excitement. Very often our journeys take us solely to the refrigerator and or the laundry room. Altho we long for great adventure the dosh for far off travels to exotic, novel lands, Hackensack for instance, can be difficult to come by. Many of our escapades are made solely in our minds, when we can find them.

Many Ways to Skin a Trip

HOWEVER - sometimes we may journey by sojourning vicariously through the travels of friends! They might even remember to return to us with trinket gifts of colorful dried lizard bracelets or camel hair headbands. But how to ensure this action? By saying Bon Voyage! [which is French for good luck, safe travels, and get your shots] with an outstanding trek minded Rubber Chicken ecard!

Yes. These Are the Best Bon Voyage Ecards

The oh so clever multi-lingualed Rubber Chicken Card creators have designed the best and funniest Bon Voyage ecard selections in the entire world and universe. So fine are these cards, Neil de Grasse Tyson might well seek out a RCC Bon Voyage card to wish gallant space travelers all the best "out there."

Even More Excited

Take a quick trip through our small but mighty group of Bon Voyage ecards so you can chipper and enthuse your friends or family members who are off to wander foreign climes.

The Cast of the Bon Voyage Selection

Flight Attendant Jenny Sue will assure upcoming roaming tourists of the joys of turbulent air travel. First time ever globetrotter Ellen will enlighten would be pilgrims as to how to delicately explain to their pet that they are about to go somewhere spectacular [Rome] without them. For the poor of pocket but vast on vision Guptah enlightens all in the ways of finding paradise within their inner world of being, by breathing in and out in all places in all ways at one time. And from those ever tripping, always fowl fried Flashback Boys, whose recreational drug use has left them permanently grounded and free associating forever, all can learn the thrill of backyard lounge chair vacations for which no vaccinations whatsoever are required and the beverages are always home brewed.

Send One Today

So whether or not you yourself are able to attempt far off feats afoot in countries ending in any sort of "stan" Rubber Chicken Bon Voyage Ecards are ready and waiting to acknowledge the courage, fortitude and inspiring spirit of adventure of those near and dear to you who are about to make tracks. Wish them well. Congratulate them for daring to dare the dipping paths of Machu Picchu, the lurching camels of Khartoum, the snake filled wines of China, the yak milk of Mongolia. Remind them that you will be monitoring the weather wherever they are and will be available day or night to send them that missing ace bandage, forgotten thong, or essential Tums unavailable in the Aleutians. Cheer them and yourself with good wishes for wild world tour abandonment upon the wings of Rubber Chicken Ecards and feel the Aloha!
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