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Autumn Holidays and Animated Ecards (9)

Sukkot - "Roadshow"
Views: 5911
Dale Vacwit, idiot, brings a Big Five tent to the Roadshow, trying to pawn it off as the tent that Moses gave to his people.
Halloween - "Flashback Boys"
Views: 7768
Our boys with the residual brain function of ether babble on about the root of the word "Halloween".
International Day of Peace - "Stinky Dog"
Views: 6318
Stinky Dog tries to get a peace dove for his good friend at the Pet Store and comes back only with grief.
Boss' Day - "Louise the Angel"
Views: 4720
Louise helps any employee give loads and gobs of appreciation for the boss. Guaranteed to get a smile!
Yom Kippur - "The Professors"
Views: 7591
On the Day of Atonement, the two Professors apologize to each other for some rather darker deeds.
Rosh Hashanah - "Juicy Juice"
Views: 4600
Kimmi the Juice Girl wants to leave work on the Jewish New Year, even though she is not technically Jewish.
Canadian Thanksgiving - "Veronique"
Views: 8040
The sexy and amazing Veronique from Cafe Cafe in Montreal rolls out her Canadian Thanksgiving baked goods and well wishes.
Sweetest Day - "Origins"
Views: 4417
Did you know how Sweetest Day was created? Well, the idiots of the show Origins know, and it has something to do with France and linguistics.
Halloween #2 - "Guptah"
Views: 7499
The great local Sage, Guptah, give a beautiful reading on the true meaning of Halloween.

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